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Snake Pit Ric Flair

Snake Pit Ric Flair

Woooo! This special custom made championship belt was made for the 2017 Indy 500's Snake Pit party event that included wrestling legend Ric Flair, EDM superstars Zedd and Marshmello, and the performers of Action Bronson, RL Grime, and Adventure Club. For this specific event, the belt provided is assembled from a custom leather American flag designed belt strap that holds five gold brass plates engraved in rose gold filigree. On top of each gold brass plate is a stacked hand cut and engraved gold brass emblem, letter, or name plate. Each of the gold brass side plates are outlined in blue brass paint while the center gold brass plate is outlined in red. Beginning from left to right the first side plate is stacked with an engraved name plate for "Adventure Club", the second stacked with hand cut letters for "Zedd", the third is stacked with hand cut brass letters for "Snake Pit" with a large center stacked emblem surrounded by name plates of "2017", "Action Bronson", and "Ric Flair"; the fourth side plate has both an engraved name plate stack and emblem for "Marshmello", and finally the fifth has a large engraved name plate for "RL Grime".

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