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This belt we call the Titan! One of the most popular fantasy football league belts, the Titan is recognized nationally and internationally for its heavy attention to detail. The belt can be ordered in a traditional black strap or a football strap. Like many of our custom championship belts, the Titan center plates is customizable. Side plates can be customized with names and dates for up to 10 years!

It’s because of belts like the Titan, that ProAmBelts is the world's leader for custom Championship Belts. Not only do we make belts for fantasy leagues, but we currently work with Professional Sports Team and University Sports Teams for their custom championship belts.

Contact us for customizing optionson this belt with the customizable plates (all custom work on our exclusive brass metal STOCK belts are vinyl 3m shown in the examples, for fully custom premier belts that are 100% custom metal craftsmanship please visit our showroom)

Notice, there is a small ProAmBelts logo next to the snaps on every ProAmBelt that may not show on older pictures.

Product Reviews

  • promoterdave
    Bloomington, IN USA
    The best!!

    The belt is amazing. Everything else I found online looked like it was from the 90s WWF or something. This thing is the real deal. Not too heavy, but not a Toy R' Us toy.

  • mikelarkin
    New York, NY USA
    Love my new belt

    I got my Titan belt on Friday. I instantly fell in love. Awarding a belt like this will make our champion feel like a true champion.